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Want to be Bigfoot?

Choose from a wide selection of Sasquatch costumes! They come in assorted colors and degrees of furriness.

Want to be the white Yeti [Abominable Snowman] of the Himalayas, or its dark-furred cousin, the Bigfoot or Sasquatch ("wild man") of the Pacific Northwest? Either way, get a great costume here!

This is a perennial favorite for Halloween or costume parties. The Jack Link's Beef Jerky "Messin' with Sasquatch" ads have made this mythic beast an even bigger star - and a superb costume choice.

You can learn about Sasquatch's history (real and mythical) here. Or click here to check out a claim that a Yeti was found!

Here are a few of the many Sasquatch costumes available at Amazon.com:


Click on any picture for more information, or click this link to see the complete listing of Sasquatch costumes for sale!